Is Your Castle Invaded by the Termites?

Nothing scares the homeowners more than that the bits of dried mud lining along the wood used to support the house. Termites, generally, break into the houses constructed of the mud.  If the wood somehow comes into the contact with the moisture or water, it starts getting soft. The softer woods are more exposed to the termite damage. We are highly rated Pest Control Houston  with a large base of satisfied customers.

In the most cases, we detect the infection by the hints of soil around the margins, but carpenter ants can hollow out the woods and other timber in the home with the tunnels. The termites can keep feeding on the woods’ insides and progress undetected for years. The insects get in the timber boring holes through plaster or the wood.

One interesting phenomenon is observed in the months between March and May of the year i.e., after the rain the sky goes thick with winged termites. Some of us have branded them as warmers.  They emerge from the colonies of the termites because of the warm temperature. Getting wings is part of both cycle and helps them spread around at a much faster pace and start new colonies.  This is the time when infestations are most detected in the homes.

Eradication of the termites is a job to be done the professionals. Operating machines like masonry drills, pumps and large capacity tanks require a long practice and physical stamina. The team of professional first locates the colonies in the potential entry points and then treats it with gallons of germicide (Termite control).